Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1. This page contains the terms and conditions of OneWay Property (onewayproperty.co.za). These stated terms and conditions may be amened at any time by OneWay Property (Pty) Ltd. By using OneWay Property, you automatically agree to and accept the terms and conditions stated.

2. Law governing usage

2.1. OneWay Property is managed and maintained in the Republic of South Africa and therefore onewayproperty.co.za and the matter surrounding aforementioned website will be governed by the South African law and jurisdiction.

3. Terms of use

3.1. All content listed and advertised on OneWay Property should be under the interpretation of advising you:

3.1.1. OneWay Property further express no warranties relating to http://www.onewayproperty.co.za or material that is contained on www.onewayproperty.co.za.

3.2. OneWay Property does not guarantee the following:

3.2.1. www.onewayproperty.co.za will be operational 24/7.

3.2.1. That downloaded content may contain malicious software such as viruses or other harmful items.

3.3. That the existing site is free of errors.

3.4. OneWay Property will provide their uses and clients with the following:

3.4.1. Provide support to customers between 08:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday via email

3.4.2. Market and make visible advertisements provided by our users and clients to potential users searching property and making use of our portal.

4. Photo and video contents

4.1. When OneWay Property procures or produces any videos, photographic material, high definition, and related content for the client and or users at the users and/or client’s expense and request:

4.1.1. OneWay Property will own the copyright and related intellectual property of the above-mentioned contents at all times.

4.1.2. This content may be used by the associated estate agent or agency so long as written consent be obtained by the agency or agent from OneWay Property.

4.2. The users and clients may not place the content mentioned above on any other website or digital platform nor digitally link this content to other media platforms.

4.3. The services offered by OneWay Property may be terminated to the client or users if they are in breach of this agreement.

5. Website Usage

5.1. The users of OneWay Property acknowledge does not verify nor affirm the advertisement completeness or any other information on onewayproperty.co.za.

5.2. There may be no linkage on onewayproperty.co.za without consent from OneWay Property. There may be links to external, third party websites which OneWay Property does not control. OneWay Property further does not recommend any product and or service advertised, thus clients and users make use of these websites/links at their own risk.

6. Website restrictions

6.1. Both clients and users of onewayproperty.co.za are restricted from all of the below mentioned:

6.1.1. Making use of www.onewayproperty.co.za to engage in any marketing or advertising.

6.1.2. Publishing any material from www.onewayproperty.co.za on any other form of media

6.1.3. Selling, commercializing and sublicensing the material on www.onewayproperty.co.za.

6.1.4. Making use of www.onewayproperty.co.za in any way that in contravening to any law, regulations or legislations that may harm any third party or www.onewayproperty.co.za.

6.1.5. Make use of www.onewayproperty.co.za for data extraction, harvesting, mining or any other activities similar in nature with relation to www.onewayproperty.co.za.

6.1.6. Making use of www.onewayproperty.co.za in any way or form that may damage or be damaging to www.onewayproperty.co.za

7. Confidentiality for users and clients

7.1. All clients and users partake in activities to:

7.1.1. Keep confidential information, be it written, oral or any other form, that is of direct concern to the business of OneWay Property and each other, being obtained from that party or any other third party.

7.1.2. Make use of the information in connection with the implementation of an agreement and not for personal benefit or for that of the third party.

7.1.3. Keep the terms and condition of the agreement confidential.

7.1.4. Disclose information to any persons, other than employees or agents that are involved with the implementation of an agreement, without the prior consent of the parties.

7.2. The above mentioned does not apply to any information that:

7.2.1. Is developed independently by the recipient.

7.2.2. Is released with written consent for disclosure by the disclosing party.

7.2.3. Is available to the public without the breaching of the agreement.

8. Client usage and responsibilities

8.1. Clients must:

8.1.1. Ensure that the information on the advertisement provided to OneWay Property is:, correct and not misleading. Not offensive, abusive, or derogatory. Not in conflict or infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties. Not in conflict or infringe both the protection and privacy of personal information rights of any third party. Provide OneWay Property with the information on the advertisement, outline by OneWay Property. Be in compliance with the all the relevant laws, regulations and legislations with regards to the placement and advertisement of its business on www.onewayproperty.co.za.

8.1.2. The client affirms that the information and content of the advertisement provided to OneWay Property by the client does not and will not contravene the intellectual property rights of any third person. The client will not hold OneWay Property liable for any claims because of this affirmation being false as well as any other breach in the T&C’s or contract; further indemnifying OneWay Property.

9. Personal information and privacy policy

9.1. It is required by OneWay Property that certain information is provided by users and clients in order to access onewayproperty.co.za.

9.2. Each and every clients or user agrees that by making use of onewayproperty.co.za will provide OneWay Property with some personal information, not limited to their name, company details, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, location information, prices and rentals, property searchers and related personal information.

9.3. With regards to Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013,

9.3.1. A person with personal information collected has the right to rectify and access the personal information collected.

9.3.2. Lay a complaint with the information regulator whose details may be obtained from OneWay Property.

9.3.3. A person with personal information collected has the right to appeal processing of personal information.

9.4. By making use of onewayproperty.co.za, each and every client or user gives consent to OneWay Property using personal information in the following manner:

9.4.1. For communication purposes, where OneWay Property may contact clients or users, with the option by the client or users to be removed from this communication method.

9.4.2. For improvement and development purposes for new features or service offerings to clients and users.

9.4.3. For a third party if it believes it to be required by law or by court to do so if OneWay Property believes it will prevent or reduce unlawful or harmful actions.

9.4.4. For product promotions and marketing purposes.

10. Indemnities for intellectual property

10.1. All clients and users may not in any form attempt to copy onewayproperty.co.za in any way. Users and clients may further not make use of any devices, being automatic or manual processes, to copy or monitor any part of www.onewayproperty.co.za or in its entirety.

10.2. All the content and related information on onewayproperty.co.za, including all graphics, icons, texts, videos and photographs, information, trademarks and designs, software and databases, agreements as well as the logo and name of OneWay Property, www.onewayproperty.co.za copyrights, source codes, hyperlinks, as well as modifications and upgrades to is the intellectual property of OneWay Property.

10.3. Both users and clients are only granted a limited license for viewing the material held on onewayproperty.co.za.

11. Resolution of dispute

11.1. If a dispute were to arise between parties with reference to the terms and conditions of onewayproperty.co.za, both parties representatives will attempt to resolve this dispute within 14 working days from the occurrence of the first instance

11.1.1. Once the 14 working days have past and there has been a failure by both parties to reach an agreement to dispute resolution, either of the parties may refer this matter in written form to an arbitrator for resolution.

11.1.2. The final decision of the arbitrator will be binding on both parties with no right of appeal with the decision of the arbitrator being made an order of court of any party involved to the arbitration.

12. Disclaimers, waivers, and indemnities

12.1. All clients and users of onewayproperty.co.za acknowledge:

12.1.1. That there is not obligations or pressure by OneWay Property to use any of the advertised service providers on OneWay Property.

12.1.2. That OneWay Property is not a professional adviser, financial adviser, estate agency, estate agent or attorney.

12.1.3. That the completeness, accuracy, or content advertised by users or clients is not regulated by OneWay Property and that OneWay. Property does not take responsibility for this advertised content, information, its accuracy, or completeness.

12.1.4. That all clients and users are responsible for the negotiations and conclusions of any agreements that may arise from the advertising or posting on www.onewayproperty.co.za.

12.1.5. All clients and users will not hold OneWay Property responsible for any losses, liabilities or damages or expenses in any nature as a direct result of the clients or user’s ability and or inability to make use of onewayproperty.co.za or services/content that www.onewayproperty.co.za provides.

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